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Richard is also proud to be present on this specific market with its very own range of metallic pigments: indoor – outdoor

The most precious effects, yet so simple.

We have selected a wide range of products to help you embellish your media and help you achieve the best effects.
Gilding offers a stunning metallic effect, which is ideal for valuable applications such as frames, and metallic objects become incredible with just one brushstroke. Our gilding products for outdoor use remain shiny and elegant even in bad weather, and can be used on unique media, in a simple fashion, for a lasting impact. Embellish a banister, decorate worn-out objects: it is now possible thanks to a product that nothing can stop!
Gilding is used mainly to renovate frames. Thanks to its aqueous formula, the only one with metallic pigments, you can decorate your home by yourself, and retain the same level of brightness as gold.

The range

The Gilding range is available in various shades: from golden to natural copper.
Based on a DTM (Direct To Metal) formulation, this range is particularly suitable for embellishing and decorating antique furniture, architectural elements and banisters, without the need for a coat of primer.


   Richard Colorants Gilding brass


Silver, shine that lasts

Delicate and strong, the Gilding Silver stands for brilliance and resistance: perfect to embellish media or decorative items.
It creates a beautiful metallic mirror that can be applied on media or decorative furniture. Its ability to withstand weather makes it ideal for isolating roofs and tanks, protecting banisters and pipe covers.

Exists in 125 ml and 500 ml containers.
Yield: 8 to 12m² per litre

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