Color Plus

Be 3 times more creative with the most powerful colorant in the market! The COLOR PLUS, new formula, ultra-concentrated ecological colorant, is innovative because of its ease of application and compliance with the new 2010 VOC Regulation!

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Richard Colorants Color Plus


  • Universal colorants, highly concentrated from pastel tints to deep, rich colours.
  • Guarantee you a complete compatibility with every kind of paint, whether acrylic or glycerol, inside and outside.
  • Contribute to the preservation of your health as well as the protection of the environment.
  • Every tint is miscible and guarantees you an endless number of colours.
  • Colorants Eco Certified.
  • Proportion: up to max. 10% of colorant. 
Richard Colorants Color Plus


Perfect compatibility with all kind of certified paints for decoration and construction, varnishes and wood stains. Tinting of waterborne paints: 

  • Acrylic
  • Epoxy water soluble (to be mixed in the resin Part A)
  • Alkyd water soluble
  • Styrene acrylic
  • Vinyl
  • Vinylic
  • Solvent-free paints (NF environnement)
  • Tinting of solvent-borne paints
  • Alkyd in Oil
  • Pliolite
  • Acrylic Thermoplastic

 In brief: all 'construction' paints that can be found in the market.

Tinting strength

The tinting strength of Color Plus is considerably higher than of the classic colorants. The use of the latest generation of dispersion agents allow higher pigment concentration.

Richard Colorants Color Plus

Concentration % / manual

COLOR PLUS is very easy to apply and without any risk up to a concentration of 10% of colorant to the volume of the paint. For the best possible results we advise mixing the colorant with a small quantity of the paint and, after stirring, putting this small mixture in the total volume of the paint to be tinted.

Richard Colorants Color Plus


All available ColorPlus colours are miscible and guarantee an infinite number of colours ranging from the brightest to the darkest. As a perfect complement to the automatic tinting machine, Color Plus allows you to colour your paint at the wharf, to respond to urgent enquiries and only tint the volume of paint you really need.

Richard Colorants Color Plus


Light (for construction applications, check the colour chart). Does not contain lead chromate or glycol ether. Its unique composition helps in the preservation of your health capital and in the protection of the environment. This is mainly the result of the very low concentration of VOC's and aromatic hydrocarbons, and the absence of other substances that might be potentially environmentally damaging substances. Furthermore, the absence of odour allows you to use Color Plus in rooms that are in use.

Richard Colorants Color Plus


Boxes with
> 6 x 30 ml blisters
> 6 x 100 ml (13 available colors)
> 3 x 250 ml
> 3 x 500 ml

Richard Colorants Color Plus blister    Richard Colorants Color Plus bottle 500ml  Richard Colorants Color Plus bottle 250ml


Light-reflective and weatherproof. % VOC* < 1% (in mass) and/or <30g.l-1

Richard Colorants Color Plus

Display Color Plus

Richard Colorants Color Plus display       Richard Colorants Color Plus display  

 Richard Colorants Color Plus display