Aqua Color

 Aqua Color is a dye dosing pump which allows you to reproduce reliably the colours of the colour swatches or even to create your own colour.
Aqua Color is a 100% successful colour, 100% reproducible. Doesn’t dry - reusable.

  • Innovative conception of a pump system patented exclusively in Europe
  • 12 trendy tints developed in partnership with an interior decorative agency
  • Universal Colorant for all acrylic paints, ideal for tinting 1 litre tin of paint
  • Interior decoration exclusively
  • Easy use: You obtain the desired tint by pressing the number of times indicated on the colour chart
  • Guarantee: Contrary to the regular packaging, the ultra-precise balance guarantees you the success of your tint
  • Products without danger or noxiousness to the user

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Gamme AQUA COLOR : Colorant Pompe Doseuse Aqua Color

Download our color chart

Download our technical data sheet (French)