Richard Colorants

Richard Colorants has been manufacturing and selling colorants since 1864.  Richard Colorants first focused on industry applications. In the 90's it extended its products to the D-.I-.Y. sector.  Richard Colorants is nowadays the leader on its market.

Our colorants guarantee you a very low level of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), for the protection of the environment and the human health (< 30 grs/liter).  We obtained the "NF Environnement" Eco Label in 2010. This Eco Label helps European consumers to distinguish greener, more environment friendly and high quality products.

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Richard Colorants
rue Lavoisier - BP 90422
59464 Lomme cedex - France
T +33 3 20 00 18 88
F +33 3 20 00 18 80
TVA: FR 22460501166

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