Colorant Universel


This universal colorant allows you to tint any normal paint, used by the wider public or professionals : paints, vinyl or acrylic emulsion, matt paints, glossy paints, glycerophthalic and polyurethanes-based paints, oil-based paints, paints containing pliolite resin (Good Year), etc...

Hoe te gebruiken

If possible, disperse the product in a small quantity of paint and then add this mixture to the rest of the paint. Stir carefully until obtaining the desired shade.
Two observations:

  • matt paints become darker when cured.
  • paints such as "rough-cast" type require relatively little colorant due to their composition.

So as not to slow down the drying of paint, avoid exceeding 5% of colorant in the total volume of paint.


All these colorants are light-resistant and weather-resistant. We only advise you not to use YELLOW, RED, GREEN and ORANGE outside as pastel shades. To clean the product, simply use soapy water.


  • 25 ml tubes in blister packs (packed by 6)
  • 45 ml tubes in blister packs (packed by 6)
  • 75 ml tubes in blister packs (packed by 6)
  • 250 ml and 500 ml bottles (packed by 3)
  • 25 kg drums

Beschikbare kleuren

22 Tints: 
Light Yellow, Orange, Purple, Medium Yellow, Vermilion, Ultramarine Blue, Dark Yellow, Bright Red, Helium Blue, Burgundy, Brilliant Blue, Empire Green, Yellow Oxide, Natural Umber, Yellowish Green, Red Oxide, Calcinated Umber, Medium Green, Natural Sienna, Black Bluish, Green, Calcinated Sienna

Richard Colorants Colorant universel
Richard Colorants Colorant Universel
Richard Colorants Colorant Universel
Richard Colorants Colorant Universel